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Nanjing Ocean Shipping Supply Co..Ltd (NJOSSCO) is a company approved by the Chinese government since 1986,specialized in ocean shipping Supply and other port services.


Integrating the ocean shipping supply(lncluding ship stores,provisions and bond stores) with spare parts customs transit,clearance & delivery to vessel, agenting travel service,oil and fresh water providing service and etc.


Relying on the top talents and perfect supervision management system in price, quality, service and etc,the firm is qualified to provide fast, satisfactory, attentive and high-quality service, such as the big bonded store warehouse,6 customs-supervision trailer,each branch distribution(i.e.CDF) and etc.


In the past 25 years, NJOSSCO has garnered widespread customer satisfaction and achieved great success through its reputation for excellence, top-notch quality, and impeccable service.