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Sound procurement of goods, out of the library, storage, delivery and acceptance of cargo inspection system, strict product quality, eliminate fake and shoddy goods on board, for the ship to ensure food safety materials.


Course of business promotion, offer objective and impartial and must not cheat the customer in terms of quality, specifications, quantity, etc., not Quejinduanliang, not adulterated, civilized business.


Consistent quality and price, so that fair trade.


Customer agreed time of delivery, not to delay the sailing time.


In addition to the ship to meet the food, marine material requirements, endeavor to provide a wider range of ship-related services, so in the service warm and thoughtful, would like to think the ship, the ship urgency of urgency, establish a Chinese ship for enterprises a good image.


In the actual operation of ships in service engineering operations, to high-quality materials, competitive prices, ensure quality, guarantee period, safety, security satisfaction for service standards.


And earnestly safeguard the interests of the ship, take seriously the views and complaints of the ship.