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China's shipbuilding industry M & A wave lift


  News from China Shipbuilding Industry Association, the first half, by the shipping market downturn, the impact of operating losses of the owner, then the owner of the boat schedule will is not strong, design changes, contract changes, strict inspection, shipping price adjustment requirements increasingly the more so that before the financial crisis to undertake the delivery of the ship to enter the ship particularly difficult period, according to the original contract delivery analysis, about 30% of orders ship owner failed to meet schedule, many companies have completed a ship docked at the pier difficulties .

  January to June, the industrial enterprises above designated size shipbuilding industrial output value, export delivery value, the main business revenue, total profit of the economic indicators continue to maintain more than 20% growth over the previous year. This is primarily due to ship before the financial crisis the city unprecedented prosperity, China's shipbuilding industry to seize the opportunity to undertake a large number of higher-priced orders, delivery of which continued into 2011 and 2012, the construction of these ships to support the economy in the first half of this year maintain a high growth indicators. But with the financial crisis, low-cost vessels have started to undertake the construction, reflecting the production, efficiency indicators of growth compared to last year has been significantly down trend.

  The continuing impact of the financial crisis, many small and medium enterprises began operating difficulties of the situation, which gives the strength of the shipbuilding business provides a good merger and acquisition opportunities. The first half of the Jiangnan Changxing Shipbuilding and Heavy Industries successfully integrate and optimize the asset structure and business processes; Yangzijiang wholly acquired Jiangsu boat Marine Engineering Co., Ltd., acquired a 40% stake Jiang Su Xinfu shipyard; Zhejiang, Europe and China, a wholly owned acquisition of Germany Xing shipping companies; CATIC acquired a 70% stake in Weihai Shipyard; CIMC to acquire a 51% stake in Beijing Lu shipping industry.

  In the first half, about half of enterprises within the scope of statistics did not receive orders, focus on monitoring the 43 shipbuilding enterprises have also not received 10 orders. Since shipbuilding capacity has more than six consecutive months, new orders over the same period, the enterprise handheld shipbuilding orders continued to fall. Lack of orders, some companies will fall into the first half of next year to start the task shortage problems, even to individual enterprises in the fourth quarter of this year is no longer operating the ship.

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